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Farm Business Innovation show 2019
Keynote speaker on 7th November 2.45pm. Looking at the importance of enhancing biodiversity on glamping and camping sites, the effects this has on the quality of the site, mental wellbeing, and securing planning permission!

Revolutionary design for bat house
Agreement secured from Natural England for relocating 235 bats into a new heated 'bat wall' as part of a Huf Haus development. The Licensing officer commented that the 'bat wall' was one of the most imaginitive designs he had come across.

Glamping show 2019
It was great to be invited to speak at this year's Glamping show. And encouraging to witness so many interested in hearing about ecology and the benefits it brings. Lots of good questions at the end too.

Diversity provides specialist environmental advice, planning design guidance, and environmental training to clients throughout the UK and on ocassion overseas. Our experts in ecology and landscape architecture provide a service that is professional and personalised.

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